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    frustrating artwiz font problems

    Whatever I try artwiz fonts will not work. I have googled and googled but still have not come up with a solution.

    This is what I have done so far:
    unpacked tar archine into /usr/lib/X11/fonts
    ran fc-cache -fv in artwiz font dir
    added font path to xorg.conf
    added entry in /etc/fonts/local.conf
    added export LC=C to .bashrc
    added explort LC_ALL=C to .bashrc

    all artwiz fonts show up in xfontsel but are not availible to the system.

    sytem: latest realese of Debian Sarge
    window manager: fluxbox

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    I've never used the artwiz fonts so can't say for sure, but you might want to take a look at this wiki. It's really for Gentoo, but there might be something in it that will give you a clue to the problem:

    Hope it helps.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I will have a read of that article. Perhaps if i research X font support a bit more a solution may be found.

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    Finally. I have got them to work

    Apparently the Debian binary of fontconfig does not support bitmap fonts by default. To enable bitmap fonts on a Debian system simply:
    dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig

    and answer all the questions

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    Hey, glad you got it working and thanks for reporting back with the fix. Lots of users fail to do that.

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    I just found this thread with google, and tried setting up xfonts-artwiz on Debian Etch.
    Unfortunately the suggested method (running `dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig`) didn't work.
    So I looked around for a while and noticed that I also had fontconfig-config installed.
    So I tried to reconfigure that, and it worked! I could enable bitmap support yada-yada.
    Hopefully this'll help people solve any future problems >.<

    Btw; I signed up just for this
    Btw; Thanks for this thread in the first place!

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