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    I searched the forum and I found that none such topic was made. So, which Desktop Enviroment do you prefer? I currently use KDE, but I want to know what are the differences between these two Enviroments. Thanks.

    If I forgot an important enviroment please inform me.

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    I noramally use Gnome. Only because I found it to be less resource hungry than KDE. Now that I've upgraded my PC I've started to use KDE, which is, I feel, a little easier to use than gnome.

    I've tried ICEWM and XFCE and they're both okay, especially if you're under-endowed in the PC power stakes, but they both a bit to basic for me.

    have fun


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    In a generic way only and in my opinion,

    Gnome is more widely used and easier to get support on due to its longer history within linux.

    KDE is very common but not as popular as Gnome in number of installs so less people are familar with it compared to Gnome but is also more sleek in its design.

    I have not used the other GUI you mentioned but both KDE and Gnome are good GUI's and its more a matter of personal taste at this point with KDE's popularity on the rise. If you like eye candy go for KDE.

    just my opinion

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    i use kde at the moment but when i get time over my xmas break i plan to mess with kahakai alittle more. and i have used enlightenment but for me i really didnt like it that much. but thats jst me too
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    I have been using Enlightenment for, hm, maybe a year, or so.. And I must say that I havent configured it so much (it can do nearly whatever you want it to do) it is still a great, easy, lightweight, pretty window manager. I don't run it in Gnome or KDE, just E! all alone.

    But the main reason I haven't changed back to kde or gnome, is that I've come to be so familiar to the features currently is E! so it feels real stupid to use ex. gnome. It just doesnt feel right..

    But I would recomend you trying it out, what you got to lose?

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    i've used KDE, gnome, E!, fluxbox, AfterStep (back in RH 6.1), and a couple others.. what your choice in wm comes down to is just that: *your choice*.. so, play around with a few of them (read the docs a little if you get confused by some of the "different" ones) and see which interface you like..
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    I've used KDE, Gnome, flux and am now using kahakai. It is very great...infinitely configurable and fast.
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    Is not Linux great, what is best? Who knows? Who cares. I like to bonuce desktops, it is a mood thing. KDE for a few days, then to blackbox for awhile, ICEWM works well for a couple of weeks, maybe Gnome gets a turn. They all do what I want to do, and all have a feel the the way I feel.

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    Purely a matter of taste and how you look at things!

    Well what can I say?
    First of all, I'm new to Linux. My first Linux installation was the Red Hat 9.1 (Shrike) Distribution package. It included both the Gnome and KDE desktop environments. As a newbie, and attracted easily by the eye candy, I started off with KDE. I switched over to gnome for a few days but found it a bit more uncomparable to the Windows UI that I had been so used too. To me KDE just seemed more Windows like... in a UI sense, if that's okay to say. Later, I started experimenting with GUI development library Qt, on which the KDE desktop environment is based on, and I found myself having a hard time obtaining the moc (meta object compiler) and qmake that are required to do Qt programming. It was then that I realized... hell... I got to write a Linux GUI app soon or I'll go crazy. So I then switched to Gnome and discovered gtkmm (formerly gtk--) which is a c++ wrapper for the gtk+ (Gimp) c library. Since i must simply program in an object oriented paradigm, I now feel right at home. And I think Gnome is just as good as KDE. I guess it all depends on how you look at things. Just as you prefer a particular programming language over another. Maybe you are more familiar or more productive with one than with the other. But that doesn't neccessarily mean that one is better. And I guess that is my programmers point of view towards Gnome Vs KDE. I love nautillus... but I also love k3b.

    Bottom line... It is purely a matter of taste and how you look at things!

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    fvwm2 is a nice window manager. It has extreem configurability and a tiny memory usage.
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