I'm managing a small file server through vnc from a windows laptop and it seems that every time I close the vnc program, everything i've done on the server (seems to) close down. I left programs running on the server, and if i close vnc, open it again and log on with the same credentials, the programs no longer seem to be running. I even checked to see what programs were running in the utility but no luck. I also plugged in a monitor to see if changes were being made, with the same result. I just need to leave a few programs running along with the usual file server function, but i'm afraid when i close out they will not continue running (these are 'always on' programs, mainly for recording a public radio program daily to send to a friend in russia).

I'm wondering if i'm confused about users or something. I set my vnc password and account to be the same as my regular user account (it's called ben), but are these accounts somehow separate?

I'm using suse10.0 and a few different vnc viewers in windows if it matters, and yes, i'm used to macOS and am all sorts of new to linux, so this could be a very stupid question. Thanks!