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    X-window/GNOME configuration problem

    Hi guys!!!

    I have a Debian box here and it runs in console mode. I cannot configure it to run GNOME or any desktop manager. I got the necessary packages (x-window-system, xserver-xfree86, and GNOME components, I also resolved all dependencies, thanks to apt ), but I think I made an error in configuring X to run. When I type startx, nothing happens. It just displays an error message about not connecting with server (IO error 104, or sumthing like that). I hope you can help me with my problem. I hope you can help me run it at least 800x600. Thanks

    Hardware Specs:
    Processor: Celeron 2.26 GHz
    Memory: 256 Mb
    Video Card: Inno3d (NVIDIA) GEForce MX 4000 128 MB
    Monitor: Provision 556 (or something like that)

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    Video Card: Inno3d (NVIDIA) GEForce MX 4000 128 MB
    here is your problem this video card needs a driver installed
    nvidia has a driver for this card and I think info on how to set up X to use this card look on there web page first
    another place to look for help is
    search for the video card name
    as a shot in the dark you could try X -configure
    or you can set the video device to eather vesa or vga
    but all the neeto stuff about this card will be wasted
    If you need to down load something there is a text based web browser named lynx that I think is included with the debain distro
    I don't have one of these cards and this is the best I can do for you
    good luck

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    I think the best option would be to download and install nvidia drivers which does all of the video cards manufactured by them. nvidia drivers provide native support for the nvidia cards and provide many other options like hardware acceleration, agp and so on....

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