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Thread: Touch screen

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    Touch screen

    Today I realized that the touchscreen on my used IBM monitor DOES, in fact, work. I'd like to be able to get it to work under xfree86 version 4.1.

    I did %cat /dev/ttyS0, and the touchscreen gives a nice prinout of two coordinate pairs, with the X and the Y ranging from 0-999.

    It just outputs the coordinates where is was last touched, in plain ASCII, like so:

    Does anyone know what driver this would need, and how to set it up? I tried microtouch and palmax, but neither worked. I have no idea what kind of touchscreen this is, since it was on a used monitor. The monitor is part number 96G0219, but I can't find a model number.

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    Whooww cool if you get it to work properly i have began to look on some thouch screen solutions my self for home multimedia purposes.

    I think it can be a little hard to get a driver for it though... But check on sourcefourge and ask the ones that have made the touchscreen...


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    Okay, thanks. I've looked at some other drivers, but I didn't have much success. I put a better graphics card in, and I couldn't get that monitor to run at the resolutions I wanted, so I moved it to another computer.

    It would be cool to use it with GIMP or something, though. Virtual fingerpainting.

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