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    sound problem in xawtv

    Hi, I am using Pixelview playTV Pro card on RH 8.0. I am using xawtv application to watch TV. It is giving picture but no sound. Can any one please help it out.

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    when I played around with this sort of thing a year or two back, I had the problem that my TV card did not have an audio out socket. It, at that time anyway, was the case that you had to feed the audio from the TV card to your sound card (line in), or you could try using sox to do it internally (never really worked properly).


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    sound problem in xawtv

    Thanks for your reply. I am doing it the same way, that is connecting the audio out of the card to the line-in of sound card but it still doesnot work. Can you please help it out.


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    open a mixer like alsamixer or kmix and see if line in is turned off or very low.

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    I agree with Marlowe I had this same problem. With alsamixer you need to use the tab button to see all options in alsamixer. You can tab to "capture" and see if line in is muted or not.
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    sound problem in xawtv

    I tried with aumix but still not giving sound

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    I had the same problem described in this post. And fixed the problem by configuring the tv tuner card by choosing the option "audio out not connected to sound card".

    I have the audio out from the tv tuner card connected directly to line-in of my sound card. I have no idea why this setting works, but it works !!

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