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    Intel graphics chipset installation questions!!

    Wassup people!!!
    Here are the details of my notebook
    Dell Inspiron 500M
    Intel 82852/82855 GM/GME graphics chipset
    256 Mb shared ram

    1. What are linux kernel headers?
    2. How do you install linux kernel headers?
    3. Where is the kernel modules directory?
    4. Which directory is XFree86 located?
    5. How do you exit XWindows/GNOME to the command line (I want to feel the pure linux comman line without the accessing the terminal in GNOME)

    Anybody that can offer help here will e greatly APPRECIATED!!!!!!!!


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    Kernel header files are files with C code that are a part of the actual kernel source.

    Kernel moduel directory is under /lib/modules/<kernel name and version>

    To jump out from X just hit ctrl+alt+backspace buttons...or change in /etc/inittab and set default runlevel to 3 instead of 5 do get to textmode after every reboot.


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    hey hey....thanks a lot....really appreciated the help...........i manged to get my monitor running fine now under linux...phew!!!!!!

    Thanks again

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