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    Video resolution problem in X

    Well, I goofed up. I am putting a new avocent KVM in my computer room and am in the process of moving everything over and recabling. When I hooked up my syslog server (Red Hat 9) the flat pannel display I was using on the switch could not read the video display. This system in particular is set to automatically boot to X. I hooked up the old 14" CRT, changed the display to generic 1280x1024, 640x480, 256 colors and then logged out. I switched back to the Flat panel and all was good. I then reconfigured to 800x600 and thousands of colors, still all good. Then I got greedy because I still did not like the resolution and messed with the dpi settings. I measured the monitor and put in my change, logged out and promptly lost my video signal. I tried the old monitor as well, no luck. I can still SSH to the system at command line from other boxes in my network but of course cant start X becuase X is running, I'm not sure how to kill X, and Xconfigurator does not seem to be present on the system. I tried to run /usr/bin/display and it will not run either. So, how do I go about getting video back now that I hosed it up?

    thanks in advance,
    idiot greedy admin

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    you'll need to
    1) learn to make back ups of your files before changing them
    2) edit (as the root / su -) the file /etc/X11/XF86Config

    Look for a section of this text file that is called Section "Monitor" and the bit called Section "Screen" .

    Also have a look at the tutorila section of this forum for info on this subject.

    have fun


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