OK so here's the deal, i'm lazy.
So I don't want to waste precious clicks to open a program to get all of my rss feeds.

There is a program that I downloaded called 'GNOME RSS Viewer Applet'.
With it you can view RSS, RDF, and Atom feeds.

So here's how to install it on Fedora Core 5 (i'm not sure about other distros).

1) Download the source package here.

2) Unzip this into an easily findable directory

3) CHMOD this directory to 777

4) Open up the file named INSTALL in gedit.
A) There are 3 instances of python2.3, we have to change that to python2.4
B) Add this line before "cp gnome_rss_applet /usr/lib/gnome-panel"
mkdir /usr/lib/gnome-panel
C) Save the file.

5) In terminal type ./INSTALL in the directory where you un-zipped it in the first place. It will install all of the files.

6) Right click on a gnome panel that you wish to add this new feed to and go to "add to panel..." Then scroll down until you find "RSS Feed Applet" and click it.

To start adding your feeds to this new applet just right click on the applet and go to "Preferences". Then click on add. Then type you rss feed's url.
From this Preferences menu you can configure your applet to your liking.

Screenshot (RSS feeds at the top)