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    Video looks fine until I switch TTY


    When I boot my linux desktop into the GUI, the colors look fine and everything works. However, if a switch to any TTY (eg Ctrl+Alt+F1), as soon as I switch back to the GUI (Ctrl+Alt+F7) the colors mess up. Specifically, it seems that the dark shades (near black) show up as neon green dots. Black text looks really pixelly. I can still see more than 256 colors, it's just the near black shades that show up as neon green dots.

    If I log out of KDE, or press Ctrl+Alt+Backspace, it fixes the problem. Or at least until I switch back to a TTY.

    Some details:
    - Software:
    - Mepis 3.4.2
    - KDE 3.4.2
    - don't remember which xorg version (I don't think I upgraded from whichever comes with Mepis 3.4.2)
    - kernel 2.6.14 and (tried both - same result)

    Please note I did have to recompile my kernel to get my SATA drive, sound, and NIC to work.

    - Hardware:
    - Asus P5LD2 motherboard (Intel 945P chipset, integrated video)

    Any idea what I should do to fix? Is any other info needed?


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    Sorry, I made a mistake. I am not using an integrated video card. I am using an ATI X700 Pro card.

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    I found the solution.

    By default, Xorg used the vesa driver. When I change it to the radeon driver the problem stopped.


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