Dear linux experts,

I'm wondering whether out there is any application able to act as a multiple desktops servers (in the way it does ltsp), but with the particularity of being able to capture any user session in the form of a video (i.e., for instance, to produce a video of a training session on OpenOffice).

In my case, it is mandatory to manage several graphical instances. Obviously, the final amount of them depends on the server performance, but I'm thinking, for instance, about managing 25-50 simultaneous graphical sessions being captured in the form of a video -perhaps, by another machine.

My current approach would be to modify ltsp to do that, but I don't know the internal details of such a application. Any of you knows if the ltsp server sends to the terminal the graphical session in the form of an understandable format (jpegs or whatever?).

Many many thanks for your help and thougts.