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    KDE - Programs suddenly closing

    Still more problems. For some reason, many programs running in KDE are suddenly closing for no obvious reason. Gaim, Mozilla, even Konsole have done this. They are not segfaulting and there are no core dumps. There are no errors anywhere that I can tell, but the program will just spontaneously exit. They first started doing this yesterday, when I was using X over an SSH tunnel.

    I have tried a blank user account without any local user config files, and it still happens.

    Because there are no errors or anything like that, I have no idea at all where to start.

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    Are you sure that they aren't segfaulting. Many distros turn core dumps off, so that might be why you don't find any.

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    Actually, there wasn't any "Segmentation fault" message when I run a program like that from the console. Some programs do segfault, though.

    Anyways, I've decided to try out a new distro anyway, so I took Debian off, and tried to install Gentoo. Well... make randomly segfaults during the install, and I had a few kernel panics. I loaded up a few live-cds. Knoppix randomly segfaulted too about 3-4 times in a few minutes.

    So I decided its probably a hardware problem. I swapped out my "Made by ATI" Radeon 7500 for a "Powered by ATI" Radeon 9000(apparently, X DOES work with it, since Knoppix did, so I'll try it again), and I unplugged the SCSI scanner. I tried Knoppix again, and Kwin crashed a few seconds after X loaded. So I unplugged a defective IDE CDROM that I never got around to removing when it broke, and tried the Gentoo install again. I don't know if the problem is fixed, but I've been able to build the whole base system without any errors so far. Maybe the logic board on that CDROM was messed up, or maybe the problem is still here? I guess I'll see.

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