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    Fvwm menu code questions....please help

    OK, in my root menu I'm looking for a way to make two dynamic menus within it, each with a different purpose.

    I want one menu, opening within the root menu, to look up, find, and list my favorites from firefox.

    I want another menu, opening within the root menu, to check within a text file and add the text file's text (per-line) as menu options, and as a command (the same exact lines).
    The file I want to take text from is this:
    scite ~/.quodlibet/config
    FvwmCommand FvwmIconBox
    scite thumbs/ewmhIcon.c
    scite ~/thumb/ewmhIcon.c
    scite ./thumb/ewmhIcon.c
    killall conky
    conky -b -u .5 -x 600 -y 0
    aterm -tr
    aterm -tr -g 90 +sb
    aterm -tr -g 90+196+4 +sb -fg black
    man aterm
    aterm -ib 0
    scite .fvwm/.fvwm2rc
    gmrun is a run program pop-up...similar to ALT+F2 in gnome or KDE.

    Can someone please help me with this? Once I get this working, I'll be very very happy with my Fvwm configuration. I've also signed up for the Fvwm forums, in hopes of getting this answered, but I'm waiting for the administrator to accept me as a user....this is day 4 now , and I'm becoming eager to get this answer.

    I know my fellow linuxforums users can help me with this....and I look forward to your responses

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    Smile Finished the recent program menu (with code).....can someone help with sed??

    I successfully got the recently run program menu working now:
    in my .fvwm2rc file (the menu part)
    # Recently run apps
    DestroyMenu MenuFvwmRecentlyRun
    AddToMenu MenuFvwmRecentlyRun	"[ Recently Run Apps ]" Title
    Piperead 'exec /home/josh/.fvwm/scripts/recentapps'
    the app at /home/josh/.fvwm/scripts/recentapps :
    exec 6<&0; exec < /home/josh/.gmrun_history; read line; while [ "$line" != "" ]; do line2=\"$line\"; echo "+ $line2 Exec $line"; read line; done; exec 0<&6 6<&-
    __________________________________________________ ______________________________

    Now, I need some help from someone with sed experience with the bookmarks menu
    here is a typical bookmark line in bookmarks.html
        <DT><A HREF="" ADD_DATE="1147434769" LAST_VISIT="1147713275" ICON="[LOTS_OF_JIBBERISH]" LAST_CHARSET="UTF-8" ID="rdf:#$Kbx7K3">Useful Things You Can Do with FVWM | Linux Journal</A>
    but there are some lines that are irrelevant of any individual bookmark. So, I need a couple of sed commands (i believe) that can do this. One that: only works on lines from the file that have "http://" in them and takes what's between the first two quotes and echo's it. The other sed command would need to take what's between the second ">" and the third "<" and echo that.
    The parts that I explained above are accentuated in the short code that I posted. Bold means it's for the first sed command, underlined is for the second sed command I'd need.

    If someone has another way of doing the above than I'm glad to hear (and see code)...but I would really like someone to help with this. I just thought sed might work, but I'm no good at using just really confuses me.

    Thanks you very much in advance!

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    I now have the bookmarks menu working, but it is pretty slow. It now takes about 5 more seconds to load fvwm becasue of this.

    EDIT: I got it
    Now it's pretty fast. It takes about 1.2 seconds to make the menu. It took, before, around 30 seconds.

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    mind to share?


    I'm testing fvwm as well momentarily. Would you mind sending the corresponding part of your configuration to ? I'm not a very talented programmer...

    Especially the bookmarks part really sounds cool.

    Thanks and greets


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