Im using Ubuntu on my Dell Latitude X1 laptop, which for the most part works great. But i want to use it together with my external LCD screen, a Dell 24" (2405) using VGA-out. Ive found the correct modeline for my screen (its taken from the correct monitor specs) and ive set it up in xorg.conf. Ive also used 915resolution patch to change the VBE-modes:

# For internal LCD
915resolution 3c 1280 768

# For external LCD
915resolution 32 1920 1200
So now the (virtual) BIOS should be ready for business. The internal LCD-screen works perfect with its 1280x768 resolution.

Problem is when i boot with the external display, i get a 1920x1200 image, but with the rightmost part of the image off-screen. See the pictures below.

The image quality is also somewhat out of focus, indicating that the image is streatched to some degree. Im also including my Xorg.conf and my Xorg.log file: (xorg.conf) (xorg.0.log)

Adjusting the image with the monitors internal control panel just makes matters worse, and you cant streach/move the image around much.
So the problem must be the signal the laptops sending out.

Please, this is the only thing left to fix before i can finally start using linux on a daily basis. Ive tried for quite some time now to get VGA out working, and im soo close now. Thankz

Also, videos are not working on the external screen, only on the internal. I just get a black image with sound.