I am having some problem with my Fonts. I use Slackware with KDE. Everything was fine till 2 days ago when I tried desktop setup wizard again. After that the icons became too big and aso the panel icons, and the fonts are not smooth. Then i changed the resolution and also reduced the size of panel icons. Now all that is fine but the fonts are still not smooth. They appear as if they are being printed with a zig-zag line.

I tried changing fonts from Control Centre.. checking on/off anti-aliasing, making then bold and back normal again and finally put it back to defaults. All but in vain. The fonts have lost their previous charm. What should i do?

1 more intersting thing is that, after this event th refresh rate is being shwn as 0(zero)..!!!

But i am not having any problems with the display except the fonts...so can anybody tell me what is happening??

How can I get it back to normal??