Iv'e been trying to run xgl.
I had xgl running as root one time, and could not run it as a regular user (at all).
I have reloaded Suse 10.1 again to try avoiding driver conflicts (I added a new nvidia card on an existing install).
I now get some kind of dire warning on exiting X that I have killed or destroyed the application "SoftwareUpdater"
I have no idea where to go from here.....................Any help for this?

System is -
Intel P-4 520, (2.8 Ghz) / Intel D915GAV board - 800 mghz fsb
160 gig seagate sata drive
1 gig hyperX Kingston ram @ 400mghz / dual interleaving
Asus EN7600GT video card
Dell 992 monitor

Also - on monitor Frequency- It wants to run @ 85 hz once the Nvidia drivers are installed, but it has screen waves at that freq, and actually looks much better at about 60 to 75 hz.
However, any freq changes I make in Sax2 are overwritten once the Nvidia drivers are installed.
Any help would be appreciated at this point...............