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    VNCserver dual-monitor


    I've got a linux box that is running dual-monitor with extended desktop from one to the other. I just use the simple vncserver setup (vncserver -geometry 1440x800) . When I then access it from my windows box with VNC Viewer Free Edition for Win32 and one screen, it opens the extended desktop screen?

    How Can I change to the other desktop or just make it logon to the other screen?


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    Not easily. The VNC viewer will show the desktop as it is on the server, irrespective of how many monitors it's spread over. If you're running vncserver as a standalone desktop (i.e. not as a copy of your main display on the Linux computer) then it may be better to start it at a size that is convenient for the viewer machine you intend to use.

    On my server, I run a vnc session that I connect to using ssh over the internet, and I set the desktop res on that screen to be the same as my laptop for convenience - i.e. at work it shows nicely in a window, and works beautifully fullscreen on the laptop.
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