Hi people,

I really getting an headacke of everything around X. For ov er months I tried to set up Direct Rendering with the Savage driver (using a ProSavage KM133 chip) and at last everything worked. After an update (I think at least) I got with glxinfo "Direct Rendering: No". My solution was to rebuild everythink (thinking about broken dependencies, I'm using Gentoo Linux which builds everythink from source), and it partially worked. Direct Rendering is on again, and everythink which is going via X itself (XAA or Xv or something like that, don't really know exactly how this all worked) is working great (mplayer using Xv, tuxracer) however everything going natively (?) via mesa, don't work (mplayer using OpenGL, OpenGL screensavers and glxgears), but the nicest think is, the only error message I get is:

libGL warning: 3D driver claims to not support visual 0x4b
And than it seems to be in a "waiting for ever" state (mostly with a black screen / window)
The only thing that possebly can help is the message I got from mplayer (using OpenGL):

Could not allocate space for dr.....
That's the only readable part, since the error message always appears partially behind the video screen, after which the program crashed.

But I can live with that (however my whole desktop seems to be very slow in displaying whatever), but now mny second problem, I just bought a widescreen TFT monitor, only my (Savage) videochip has no widescreen modes in it VBIOS:

(I can't post any logs this time since my mouse hangs after working with mplayer for that error message)

So, I figured out, I shout use

Option "UseBIOS" "0"
but when I do this I get a VERY LONG list of modes It can't use (no entry of the mode it is gong to use!) and I really can get it in an other mode than 1024x768. It claims that the vrefresh is out of range (again I can't post logs at this time), however this is a 100% lie.

Does anyone know a solution on one of those problems (specially the second), a yes, some info:

X.org: 7.1.0 (or at least almost all is this version), nothing lower than 7.0.0
Kernel: 2.6.15