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    gvim is giving me a head ache

    Ive just installed Xfce and I am getting in a huff over a couple of issues.

    First, I cant paste commands into my command line. I dont know which shell I am using other than that it is the one which appears as default on the Xfce panel (right click and properties says its xfterm4, but that isnt a shell is it?)
    I do have Bash installed but I had that installed before I put Xorg on so will I have to reinstall Bash to get it to work in X? Can you paste in Bash? I think you can but thought id check!

    My other problem is gvim. I have reinstalled it since I put Xorg on so I can use in Xfce but when I try to edit my fstab I cant. This is hard to explain but the only key which seems to work is Delete. Enter just knocks the cursor down a line (as the down arrow would) Backspace goes back a space (like back arrow would) and space goes forward a space (again like the forward arrow would) WHY? The letters and number do nothing.

    If I open a fresh gvim and paste the contents of fstab and try to edit its the same. I have a long column of ~ on the left which it refuses to accept letter and number above. ie.

    If I type here
    It jumps here and types instead.

    All I want gvim to do is what Notepad does in Windows. I just want a simple text editor fot things like editting fstab, xorg.conf etc. I intened on installing an office app sometime in the future. Maybe I should just do it now?!!

    Im using a LFS install and have always used KDE but thought Id try Xfce for a change. I never had any problems with KDE, all this trouble has come about with Xfce.

    Can anyone help? Sorry for the long post!! Didnt realise it was this long!

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    What method are you using to paste? Highlighting and middle-clicking is the typical method for copy/paste in X.

    If you want a Notepad clone, then don't use gvim. gvim's a modal editor, so the behavior you're witnessing is normal. To insert characters, you have to enter insert mode by pressing 'i'. And so on...

    If you would like to learn how to use vim, check out Otherwise, there's plenty of other editors out there. I would say the 'E' word...(*cough*emacs*cough*)...excuse me, scratchy throat...but as a vim zealot, it's a mortal sin for me to mention it. =P

    NOTE: I'm just joking, I don't mean to cause a flame war!
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    Quote Originally Posted by zeus123
    First, I cant paste commands into my command line.
    SHIFT+INSERT doesn't work?

    Quote Originally Posted by zeus123
    My other problem is gvim.
    offers a nice tutorial.
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    Many Thanks guys!! Im rolling again!

    Ive used Xfce live CDs and they were obviously different to my Xfce because I could right click paste.

    Emacs is one Ive not tried before so will give it a whirl. Its odd how Id never had trouble with Gvim before though (probably more odd for you!)

    Once again many thanks!

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