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    Stand alone right click menu?

    Hi. I just installed Gnome, which comes with the nautilus file manager. I'm a command-line guy, so I have no need for a file manager. I uninstalled it, and then discovered that nautilus also controls the context menu on the desktop. Is there a program that I can use that would supply a right click menu, sort of like the blackbox/fluxbox right click menu? Thanks.

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    Don't know how you'd do it in Gnome but maybe a straight windows manager like Blackbox is all you need. IceWM has a right click menu and provides a basic desktop for those who prefer a more "hands on" approach.
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    If you want to use blackbox, you can run blackbox --replace and it will replace the currently running window manager. Otherwise, [b]killall metacity && <window manager>[\b] will do what you need.
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