Is there anyway to force konqueror to use ONLY one specific font type for webpages? I want to use Bitsream Vera Sans for all my surfing. I have set this up in both KDE control panel and konqeror font settings.

The problem is that, at present, some pages (e.g. google search results) always render using Arial and other pages use BVS font. I have the MS fonts installed in /usr/share/fonts (PCLinuxOS). I tried to comment out the line in my /etc/fonts/fonts.conf file, that points to the MS Fonts directory and something strange happened....

Some pages that previously rendered in Arial now used BVS! Great! But some others now used Helvetica???

Can anyone advise me on how to make konqueror use only BVS? In Firefox you can force it to use only your fonts... but it seems harder to do this in konqueror.