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    problems in starting the x -server

    HI all
    I had typed the command startx is gives me the error Fatal server error :server already running
    when I type the command ps -a | grep x I get no message.Please tell me how to start the x server

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    Can't help I'm afraid, but you will probably find it easier to follow the answers you are given if you confine your questions to one thread per problem.

    Posting multiple threads with the same question won't get you an answer any quicker.

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    First off, grep is case-sensitive. The command should be one of the following:
    ps aux | grep 'X'
    ps aux | grep -i 'x'
    The former correctly searches for 'X', while the latter does a case-insensitive search.

    Having said that, is the X server running? Press Ctrl-Alt-F7, which is where X usually runs.

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