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    Question Virtual desktops on different monitors

    I always make full use of all my virtual desktops in KDE and as I'm scouting for a new platform, I'm also looking for a dual-monitor setup.

    From other posts I've gathered that you can run separate Xservers for the different outputs or you can have one large desktop spanning both monitors. Am I right so far?

    What I'd like to know is if you can direct different virtual desktops from the same Xserver to the different monitors. It would make so much more sense to me since I'm used to switch focus between them anyway.

    Before I buy two expensive 20"+ flatscreens, I'd love to hear if this is possible using either twinview or xinerama.

    PS: It's not for gaming, it's mostly for software development.

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    I've never tried this myself, but you might want to start HERE. It is very Gentoo-centric, but it should be a good place to get some general info. You might even decide to use Gentoo

    Good luck, and man would I love to have a pair of 20+'' LCD's

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    Thanks, it looks like the "two screen" setup is closest to what was on my mind. I have to investigate the focus switching behaviour further.

    Granted, panels with what I consider to be usable resolutions are still very expensive, which is why I won't invest before I'm convinced they will help my productivity accordingly.

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