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    Question Lightweight GUI For Linux

    For increasing the speed of X-Windows, user on slow machine can use light weight GUI such as TWM, IceWM, Blackbox etc. If possible use the correct driver for the graphic chips/chipset on your system, not VESA.

    For several applications, it's better to use text / non X-Windows applications on slow systems:
    Browser Lynx, links, elinks.
    Graphical Browser Links with svgalib.
    Download: Prozilla.
    Graphic viewer: ZGV
    Email / newsgroup: Pine

    Is there any other idea or adjustment /WM for lightweight GUI on Linux?

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    Graveman is good for a really lightweight GUI CD-burner. Otherwise, command line burns work pretty well.

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    on a 75MHz machine i run netbsd 3.0 > fluxbox > irssi > rox filer > xmms2 > gaim > links2...

    fluxbox = Window Manager
    irssi = IRC client
    rox filer = file manager
    xmms2 = the new xmms, CLI with server/client
    gaim = instant msg
    links2 = web browser

    those all run rather well on a 75MHz machine, there is no need to go the route you do, and pine is a POS, something like elmo would be better for a CLI e-mail client. for burning i use burncenter3, CLI and easy to use/setup, i even use all of this on my main workstation that is a 1.4GHz P4 768mb ram.

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    Links2 can be made to work with not only svgalib but also X... I've done it in the past but didn't like it. In my opinion you get the same results from using Dillo, but with some extra things Links2 can't offer.

    For WM I like Joe's Window Manager (JWM), it doesn't offer a lot of options but that's exactly what I like about it. Last I checked up on development there was some work on implementing pixmaps, but it currently doesn't do it.
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    I've just started using a very light GTK-based torrent program called Transmission. I used the java-based Azureus before and was quite heavy on the resources. Transmission doesn't have many features but it is very light.

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    LXDE - - is fantastic. Much lighter than XFCE but works better, in my experience, and quite fully featured. It's also based on Openbox, which is a good WM which can be used alone or with components of LXDE.

    Also, CrunchBang Linux - - uses Openbox and adapts parts of LXDE, on an Ubuntu base.

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    I personnaly use XFCE, it's light enought for me. It's also important to check if your video driver use hardware 2D rendering (check your Xorg.log or xdpyinfo).

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