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    Proposals for linux environment

    I am a Windows veteran which is recently migrated to GNU/Linux!
    I want to suggest some things which I think can gets the linux, and also other platforms, better! But my love is Free Software which in my opinion deserts my full considerations.

    Before any other discussing I want to say that I impressed by gnu/linux structure, facilities, applications, KDE ... konqueror ...,capabilities, flexibility, security robustness, configuration & customization extent, powerfull shell realy utilizable as a system and administrative programming facility, etc.! anyway I am yet new to linux...

    But i have several ideas already which imho are worth mentioning for my love.
    I would glad to see this topic as a place for not my few little ideas only, but a place for discussing other users ideas and requests from FS community.

    Ok, now my proposals:

    - I think it is a realy good facility (esp. for progarmmers) to be able to copy contents of plain text files straightforwardly via a context menu option.
    Many times we want just to copy entire (or majority of) contents of a text file, but we have to open it in a text editor first, and probably closing it immediately after doing so.
    I think It is popular enough for implementing as a default feature in GUI.
    opening a text file in an editor also has the possibility of changing its contents unintentionally and copying unequal contents than disk contents.

    - another desire is existent of a refresh button in editors toolbar!
    all text editors I have ever seen have not such facility.
    In my point of view it is wondering! whats the reason for lacking this feature?
    i always have needed such a facility, and have to utilize for example a webbrowser for that purpose.
    many times we want to see current contents of an opened file on disk occasionally or sequentially that may be changed by another application or running program and also want to be able to edit it.

    I am waiting for your opinions.

    sorry for bad english.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FSoftware Lover
    - I think it is a realy good facility (esp. for progarmmers) to be able to copy contents of plain text files straightforwardly via a context menu option.
    You can do this now.. but not in a gui as most programmers open a terminal for better functionality and use either vim or emacs and they have great keybinding and can do that of which you ask.. there is also another way to insert text in to a file
    cat blah >> blah.file

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    thanks my dear friend!
    but i know these.
    i am talking about gui.
    do you think that all programmers are in a same level or category and habits, preferences ... etc.?
    indeed thay have very different programming language & skill levels. they have jobs such as programming as a hubby, programming for personal funny sites to medium load web applications, system programming, small to large application developing or even enterprise programming although, with different workloads and vary other individual specifications.
    hasnt linux a GUI?
    hasnt a desktop environment which is competing windows desktop?
    had linux them from begining?
    do you think we have to and should do every task in a terminal?
    i thought we should be able to combine them efficiently. that possibility is a must!
    also note that these are not only for programming purposes at all!
    they have vast applications. certainly, numerous users would utilize them everyday if they be implemented.
    although i am newbie in linux but i see myself a professional enough.
    before installing linux i have been studied official bash referrence completely; some other things also.

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    It is possible to add a konqueror function for what you are doing in KDE. The reason things like this are not included by default is because they would not appeal to everyone. Some think that there are already too many functions on the KDE desktop for example.

    Your comment about using the command line - I understand that you may not think the terminal is relevant but the simple fact is it makes more sense in some contexts to use command line. Anyway, I'll leave that debate for another day. In the meantime check out the servicemenu section in , you will find many functions like the one you are looking for, and possibly the exact one you mention.

    I hope this helps.

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