Hello All,
I have a project with involves testing the graphics card in Linux OS in all the mode avaliable. (i.e. Single, Twin, Clone, DIH and Xinerama)

My main problem is to switch between these modes. As far I know we can do this by the following method.

1. we have to write the PCF(Parameter Configuration File) for the existing configuration (i.e. we can specify MODES, ROTATION) in this file.

2. Convert this PCF file to .asm and xorg.conf file with a tool pcf2eigd

3. Now we can edit this xorg.conf file for changing the resolution and depth of the screen deisplay.

4. We have to repete the whole procedure i.e. from Step 1 to Step 3 for all the 5 modes.
Am I going in right direction ??

Sarang Jaiswal