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    Recommended linux distro/flavor

    Im currently looking for a distro that works best with cedega and also has out of the box support for IPW3945 besides ubuntu as i am already dual booting with that also running XGL and i do have a separate session for non XGL. Macs laptops don't have the hardware i want so thats not an option and im done with windows either way and though my expectations are not high for D3D in linux i would still like some input as far as what people think has the best support for cedega in D3D rather than opengl preferrably with world of warcraft as that is one of the few games i play besides half life 2 and CS source. My hardware is a dell XPS M1710 with 4GB dual channel DDR and go 7900GTX 512MB, Audigy, 100GB 7200 rpm hard drive as well as a 2.16GHZ duo core cpu. Thanks.....

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    As far as your video hardware is concerned, you're in good shape with an Nvidia card. A lot of laptops use ATI cards instead which would have likely given you grief if you wanted 3D acceleration. As for your main question, there is really no such thing as a distribution that will always work well using Cedega. In my personal experience, Cedega is spotty at best. It will work beautifully for some people on some distributions and not at all for other people on the same distribution.

    For example: I have 2 desktops. One is an AMD Athlon XP 2700 with 1GB of RAM and an Nvidia Geforce 5700. At the time it was running Fedora Core and Mandriva. Cedega would not run any games at all.

    My second desktop is an AMD64 3200 with 1GB of RAM and a Geforce 6800, also at the time running Fedora Core and Mandriva (both 32-bit). This machine is the one I've had the best luck with running Cedega. It was still unreliable however, as Morrowind and Diablo 2 would crash regularly. All this was tested on version 5.0.1 of Cedega, so they may have improved since then.

    In short, your distribution choice doesn't really seem to matter with Cedega. It's just the phase of the moon or your particular hardware configuration it seems. Best of luck.
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