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    KDE apps on Gnome and Gnome apps on KDE

    I know that their are alot of different apps designed for Gnome such as banshee and apps for KDE such as KD3. But I was wondering how well these apps can run in the other DE. Do they work better if both DE's are installed and what about in light DE's like fluxbox...thanks.

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    i'm currently running K3B and Kaffeine in Gnome. i vaguely remember having to do something to get them working right, but know it's possible. Sorry i'm not much help it's been a while since i installed.
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    You can run them just fine; but keep in mind that they both use their own shared libraries which must be in memory, so if you mix and match, be ready for the performance hit.
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    so does it help with performance to have both installed? or will it work just fine with just one or the other?

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    Not exactly

    Quote Originally Posted by murph1083
    so does it help with performance to have both installed? or will it work just fine with just one or the other?
    If by performance you mean memory and such, it does not hurt to have both installed, it does hoever hurt to have both running, especially on low end machines. Don't expect K3B, amaroK, Konqueror or Koffice to crash your desktop if running Gnome, but expect this if you run them all at once on Gnome if your memory can't handle it. Try to find corresponding applications for each desktop. For example on Fedora use gyum instead of kyum if running Gnome. there are a lot of such correspondancies.

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