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    Quote Originally Posted by brian.harker
    Changing dom.max_script_run_time to 30 seconds doesn't help...

    A user in a another forum suggested I disable the firefox flash plugins, and gmail works now, but at the price of not being able to see ANY flash on any webpage
    Hi brian.harker,
    Maybe it won't help but then again, who knows...
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    I may be coming late to the party on this topic, but it happened to me with my Xubuntu installation. When I updated Firefox, it started crashing on any page with flash.

    Now sporkme already posted the solution:

    Add the following to your /usr/bin/firefox script:


    I did this and things worked. Then did another "update" one day, broke again. That was when gmail started slamming down FF. I just put it back in, all fixed.

    So this worked for me for flash crashing FF in general, and specifically worked for the gmail crashing of FF.

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    Try this instead, to keep things right betwixt boots:

    Edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf [ or simular ] and have the following section Default depth read as thus:

    Section "Screen"
    Identifier "screen1"
    Device "device1"
    Monitor "monitor1"
    DefaultDepth 24

    It seems that those of us who have been using "16" have had firefox crashing with flashplayer.

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    I'm using firefox 2 and it crashes a lot. I was in eBay, opened another tab and it crashed (while I was typing in the address bar). This happened to me two times now, the first time was with hotmail... so I don't know if that solution will apply to me too, since I don't think those websites use flash. If you guys know what's going on here please help... for now I'm just going to add those lines to the script

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    They might use flash banner ads? I've had the flash plugin crash a few times on me too, and even lock up X - personally, I'd NEVER recommend the official flash plugin to anyone - it seems slow and very buggy. Now if Gnash would just be finished soon...
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