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    Gnome freezes at splash screen

    Ive been using FC 5 for many many months now without any problems. But today i came home and my mouse cursor was gone. Using CNT + ALT + DEL I attempted to log out but the system froze and I ended up hitting the reset button.
    Upon rebooting when I tried logging in with my user account I get to the point were the gnome splash appears then it disapears and Im left with a blue screen and a mouse cursor (it does move) and then nothing happens.
    I can log in as root with gnome and I can log in to my user account with gnome failsafe or an other window manager.
    On checking the logs, for rhe failed logins these are the last two lines
    audit(1158382650.804:68): avc: denied { use } for pid=2507 comm="bluez-pin" ...
    audit(1158382650.804:69): avc: denied { write } for pid=2507 comm="bluez-pin" ...
    and on all successful logins these two lines are procceded with
    audit(1158383596.535:83): avc: granted { execstack } for pid=3277 comm="metacity" ...
    audit(1158383596.535:84): avc: granted { execmem } for pid=3277 comm="metacity" ...
    The first two ines still show as denied but follow these second two and then continue on with many mmore similar lines for other apps such as nautilus, gnome-background, etc
    Now I suspect there is a corupted config file some were but where or how to fix it is beyond me.
    Any help would be great

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    I just encountered the same issue, it looks like your .metecity is corrupted, to fix this issue login as root or your login with failsafe terminal and remove the .metacity directory "rm -R .metacity" and restart your session. The .metacity will be recreated when your session restarts.

    Im not sure what caused mine to get corrupted but this should fix your issue


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