When I clicked the option "XDMCP Chooser" that appears in the login screen, the next thing that I saw on my computer was a message box on a black screen and whose text was written in a font not readable by humans. I closed that message box(I could see the X symbol afterall) and from thereon in, it seems that all texts which are printed by system are in that same font and I am unable to change it come what may and it is even possible that some other changes have been made as well. I have also noticed that on certain websites, the characters are taking more time to appear after I've typed them. I have tried to solve this but none of these led me anywhere(some of these were mentioned in some other forums):

Control Center

Adobe Reader gives an error: The font 'Symbol, Italic' contains a bad /BBox.

I havent installed XGL or compiz or anything like that, my computer is just a plain SuSE 10.1 machine. I also doubt if its a language error.

I've attached a snapshot of my desktop along with this post. This problem starts from the login screen onwards( login screen included.) Help!

P.S: Application softwares are working fine, except the message bar(the one which lists the name of the program) on top. Would it in anyway make a difference that before restarting, I'd successfully upgraded atk, cairo, glib, and could not upgrade pango and libxml after successfully configuring them(I've also used make distclean after that.)