Please help me with these:
- How can i switch tabs in fluxbox-1.0rc2 from external to internal?
- Though active & passive windows in fluxbox switch fine, how can i make WM
switch between active & minimized windows? (Alt-Tab binded to Next Window)
- How can i tune fluxbox-1.0rc2 so that when i activate desktop menu & move
into open window it still continues to hang over desktop instead of disappearing
& in order to close it i have to click on it with right mouse button?
- I start fluxbox-1.0rc2 over kdrive server using startx, and after logging out from
fluxbox xserver continues to work & is killed only by Ctrl-Alt-Bcksp. So how can i
make kdrive server to shut down after logging out from fluxbox if i do not use
- I use Matrox G550 videocard. Compiled from cvn kdrive xserver has several servers
but only Xvesa, Xfbdev, Xchips work, while Xmga complains: "No matching cards
found". I suspect that Xmga discern only up to G450, so how can i edit source from
xserver/hw/kdrive/mga/ so that it will function after scanpci?
- After closing my dialup connection with Ctrl-С initiated by wvdial, channel doesn't
close immidiately, but after several (5~ seconds. How to fast speed up closing the