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    General question about OpenSSH and remote desktops


    I have a small LAN that I connect to remotely using OpenSSH installed on a Windows 2003 machine, and I use putty with tunneling to RDP to my Windows boxes and FreeNX to my Ubuntu box. It works pretty well.

    My question: Is there a way to remote desktop to ALL computers on my LAN, INCLUDING the machine running SSH itself, while opening just ONE port on my firewall? Putty will not let me connect this way; it says "the session is in use."

    I'm looking for a solution either on Linux or Windows, as I have both. I am a Linux noob...


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    How about running a VNC session on the machine(s) you want to connect to, then run vncviewer on the machine you're connected to? The FreeNX session would show the vncviewer on the NX desktop...
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    Thanx. I actually discovered a way to accomplish what I wanted to using tunneling and changing the source and destination ports around. It was purely by trial and error since I did not find the OpenSSH/Putty documentation too helpful.

    I can now do an SSH session to one machine on my LAN, and then remote desktop/FreeNX to any other machine, including the one running SSH. All of that with a single port open on my firewall. It's kind of like a poor man's VPN, and it works quite well


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