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    Moving X clients from one X server to another without restarting them

    Is it possible to change the X server that a program is connected to, so that it continues to run but the display is now viewable on a different X server's display? I guess an X client could be written to support this by having the program change the X server it is connected to, but I want to be able to force any program to display to a different X server. Kind of like how many window managers let you move a window to a different virtual desktop, but moving it to a different X server, instead.

    Anyone know how this could be done?


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    Do you want different versions of X running on different virtual desktops or on different machines? Because I'm pretty sure you can't have different X configurations running on the same machine at the same time. At least I've never heard of it, maybe it could be done with some serious hacking.

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    Different machines

    Essentially I want to be able to run an X client on my desktop machine, but connected to the X server display on my laptop (I can do this already), start it off doing stuff that will take a while, then shift the X client's display back to the X server running on the desktop (so I can shutdown/sleep the laptop) while the program continues running on the desktop.

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