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    Keyboard Shortcuts in GNOME

    I'm trying to setup some keyboard shortcuts in GNOME.

    However, GNOME doesn't seem to let me use the "Windows"/Super Key as a Modifier key. Is there anyway to change this or is GNOME stuck like this?

    In otherwords, I want keyboard shortcuts like "Windows Key + D" and "Windows Key + E", but when I try to enter that in the GNOME Keyboard Shortcut program thing, it only takes the Windows Key.
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    Unless I'm completely mistaken, your issue is with X, not with Gnome.

    Check this out, the part that you're looking for is at the very bottom, but you should read the entire article to get an idea:

    He also claims that the filename is .Xmodmap, it should be .xmodmap (lowercase x). Not sure of this is dependent on distribution, but once this file exists in your home directory, it should automatically be loaded by X or Gnome (some articles suggest editing .xinitrc to load it manually).

    The <br>'s in the code sections are supposed to be new lines. So the final example - to be placed in (a newly created) .xmodmap in your home directory:
    keycode 115 = Meta_L
    add mod4 = Meta_L
    keycode 116 = Meta_R
    add mod4 =Meta_R

    You can then test it by typing this in a terminal:
    cd ~
    xmodmap .xmodmap

    The keys should then be reconfigured and usable.

    Unfortunately Windows Key + E is taken as a shortcut key (in my distro?). But others like Wk+R, Wk+F are usable.

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