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    xcompmgr + dual screens

    i tried it once and liked it when i had a single monitor, now that i have 2 i tried it again and cpu useage is horrible compaird to last time, its only a 1.4GHz system with a gefore4 but it used to run awsome. any thoughts or ideas how to speed it up or am i just boned?

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    I think it may be becuase your CPU is trying to handle composition on twice the screen real estate. Have you tried using your graphics card to help out?
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    Perhaps you can try different options in your xorg.conf.

    Option          "XAANoOffscreenPixmaps" "true"
    in Section "Device" for example. So the card won't care anymore about calculating what is not displayed on screen.

     Load    "dbe"
    in Section "Module" (use before Load "dri") for double buffering.

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    nothing seems to be working right, i think im just boned with this slow cpu. ohwell, thanks for trying guys

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