Hello - My turn to ask for help! I've decided not to upgrade Mandriva 2006 to '07, but I would like to upgrade KDE ver. 3.4 to 3.5.5 . I've never done this before, so I decided to have a go last night.

I've downloaded konstruct and successfully used it to build the new KDE environment in ~/ . However the documentation is - at least imho - awful. I've followed it as far as I can but I have no idea how to boot into this new version. In fact I can't find many new files in ~/kde3.3.5, but while konstruct was working it was very clearly compiling some new files from source code.

Google searches haven't really helped, apart from showing that most people end up abandoning konstruct and installing KDE from rpms (or whatever their OS uses). There are existing threads about this in these forums, but I really want to use konstruct and will only try using rpms as a last resort. There is definitely room for a really in depth tutorial on this subject, as for me it makes more sense to update KDE than my whole distro, which is now very stable and up-to-date.

Everything I've read suggests that the next stage (once I've set up some new environment variables) is to change my boot scripts to launch the new KDE. Assuming that the command 'startkde' is a script which I can edit, I'll look into this, but helpful advice, hand-holding and moral support would be extremely welcome ... before I completely stuff up my system.

I'm not really expecting many replies. My Google search also showed that this question gets asked a lot, and ignored even more! I just want to have a more up-to-date system.

Thanks for reading - fingal