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    Remote X through router

    I have a setup similar to the one shown below. I use Cygwin-X to connect from a Win2K machine to the Redhat 8.0 machine at work inside the LAN enviroment. Xdm for XDMCP and everything has been set up for Remote X. I want to be able to connect to the work computer from home through Cygwin-X or any other software. How is this setup possible.

    				192.168.1.x		192.168.1.y		(Home IPs)
    				    (Win2k)		(Redhat 8.0)
    Cable Router WAN IP (   ->Have full control over this
    FIREWALL	 -> Can request to the admin abt ports etc	
    Corporate IP &#40;; -> Class A
    				192.168.1.x		192.168.1.y	     &#40;LAN IPs &#41; ->NAT
    				&#40;Redhat 8.0&#41;		&#40;Win2K&#41;

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    you will need to talk to whoever admins the corperate router to open the necessary ports and configure port forwarding to your internal machine.

    Many companies will be reluctant to do this as it may present a security risk if the service is not protected by strong passwords and the software is not kept upto date.

    Good luck.


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