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    Show hidden folders in Konqueror navigation panel

    Hi there,
    I am trying to configure Konqueror, trying to get it to work the way I want to, which is pretty much the same way explorer in Windows works.
    It takes some work fiddling with mimetypes and so, but I'm stuck when it comes to this problem:

    I want the Konqueror navigation panel to also list hidden folders.
    It is very annoying to browse around many levels of subdirectories if the parent folder is hidden... because you can't use the navigation panel!
    Whatever the reason for this behavior is beyond me - at least there should be an option to enable view of hidden folders also in nav. panel.

    Anyone got a clue on how to get this working properly?

    I've recently migrated to linux from windows, and even though I like KDE a lot and much of its features and tools, I can't help but miss Explorer and HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT a bit... :/

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    Well, at least on my desktop, using Konqueror 3.5.5 in SuSE 10.2.
    View - Show hidden Files, only work on the right panel file list view, and NOT in Navigation Panel. I would love for it to work there as well, but... it doesn't.

    Does it show .hidden folders for you in Konqueror (F9) Navigation Panel?

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    Links are your huckleberry

    This is a crude workaround since there is no way to make Konqueror show hidden folders in its navigation panel (I've been searching for months).

    If you make a link to the hidden folder (take ~/.mozilla as an example):
    > ln -s ~/.mozilla ~/mozilla
    then you can navigate through ~/mozilla to your heart's delight.

    It's a bit crude if you have nested hidden folders but it allows me to go poking round mozilla extensions etc. very easily.

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    Well, thank you for the tip!
    it's not exactly a working solution for me, but thanks anyway!

    I found a wish to solve the problem here. Leave some votes for a separate tree view navigation panel option for hidden folders.

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