Hello readers!

I'm trying to set up my neomagic graphic card in a Sony Vaio PCG-F707 (quite an old laptop, must be 5 or 6 years ...) to enable two different screens.

I'm running Debian etch with a 2.6.18-3-686 kernel, and I'm using xorg 7.1.1. The graphics card is a "VGA compatible controller: Neomagic Corporation NM2230 [MagicGraph 256AV+] (rev 30) (prog-if 00 [VGA]" at 01:00.0.

The laptop has (of course) an internal flatpanel as well as an externel output to connect a second monitor. I use a Acer AL1917 monitor as my second monitor. What I'd like to have is this second monitor not as a mirror of my first (what works fine), but as a true second monitor. I guess I will be using xinerama for that. (I read about twinview, but I figured that my card is actually too old for supporting it.)

What works:

- using both my internal and second monitor showing me exactly the same, either plugging in the second monitor before boot and not tweaking xorg.conf or plugging it in and adding both the options "externdisp" AND "interndisp" to the "Device"-Section for my neomagic card.

- using just the internal monitor either plugging in my second monitor after boot and not tweaking xorg.conf or adding just the "interndisp"-option the the above device-section

What doesn't work:

- using just the external monitor. If I add just the "extern"-device option to my xorg.conf, my internal monitor goes black when starting the xserver, but my external monitor either doesn't show anything (when I set the resolution to 1024x768, i.e. the same resolution that is used when I use both screens mirrored) or shows me the message "input not supported" (when I set the resolution to 1280x1024, which SHOULD be supported by the monitor).
SOoI guess that the graphic card IS sending something to the monitor (even in 1024x768-setting), but that it's sending something the monitor doesn't understand.

- using the two monitors side-by-side. The second monitor behaves exactly as if it was used in the above example. I tried it with two device sections in xorg.conf, both using the same card at the same bus, but one with the interndisp and the other with the externdisp option. I added a second monitor section and a second screen-section as well and tried to use both screens in my serverlayout, with the secondary screen rightOf the default screen. The xserver does not complain about that, it starts neatly and uses the internal screen ...
However it does NOT work if I try to add a "Screen"-number to my device-sections. If I refer to Screen 0 in the first and to Screen 1 in the second device section the xserver won't start, with the message "bus already in use" (well, it's the same card, after all ...)

I guess I described all the necessary things ... Any help would be appreciated.

Greets (and a happy new year ...)