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Thread: Remote Login

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    Remote Login

    Here is my situation, I have a MS Windows computer and a Linux SuSE 10.1 computer on a LAN. Is there any way to log into the Linux computer from the MS Windows computer? For example when you connect to the Linux box it shows the login screen (The graphical one not just a console window). I've seen this working on a Citrix server but have no idea how to do it on Linux.

    At the moment I'm using a VNC set up but that only allows you to send the screen after the user has logged in.


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    Hi Rich2189,
    You can use commercial software like Netsarang's XManager or WRQ's Reflection or Pexus LLC's X-Deep/32 or OpenText's Exceed, etc. You can also use Xming, which is a free X Window server for Microsoft Windows. Search the names to get more information.

    With Regards,

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    Thanks for the reply Thinker, I will investigate those area's. I'll re-post once i've checked it out.


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    Xming was the solution, works like a dream. See the attached image.
    Screen Shot
    Thanks for a shove in the correct direction!

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