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    Smile linux shell login from windows

    I know this has probably been answered a million times, but as of yet I've not found them... sigh...

    Years ago I used to rlogin to SCO Unix from Windows using a commercial product across our LAN. It was extremely handy.

    I've seen the answers for getting a Xwindow server/client up on a windows box, and that is nice I guess, but I want a simple ascii shell for command line from my windows machine.

    So the question is "Are there any open/GNU programs that run on windows to allow me to shell into a Linux box so I can run my command line environment?"

    Some simple links to the answer is sufficient - thanks!!!

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    PuTTY is probably the most popular.
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    I've been using WinTSC and have been very happy with it.
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    Thanks for the two replies! I'll look into them!

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    You can also try OpenSSH under Cygwin
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