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    Slightly OT - X Windows question

    This is an X-Windows question, but not Linux. I'm working on a Sun box running FVWM window manager. I am attempting to capture a window ID from a running copy of Acrobat Reader and then send keyboard events to a text field that will change the page. (I can't do this from the command line so this is my only other choice). Using XQueryTree, XListProperties and XGetWindowProperty I can get every property of every window from the Root on down. When I send the display back to my PC (can't remember the name of that window manager) everything works fine - I can find the top level window I need based on the title of the Document Window that is open, then work my way down to the window I need and send the events to it which changes the current page. But when I try to use the display on the Sun machine every window EXCEPT the document window shows up. Acrobat has about 5-6 top level windows (main application, about dialog, a couple of windows with "WMH" or something as the name, etc.), and they all show up except the one that contains all the little subwindows I have to have. Yet when I use xwininfo to display the window's properties it has no problem finding it - the WM_NAME for my document window is right there, along with all the subwindows I have to have. And again, xwininfo and my application have no problem finding this top window when the display is on my PC - only when it is on the Sun is this one, and only one, window invisible to my code. WFT is going on here?

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    I think I have a possible reason why this isn't working. Hopefully someone can tell me what's going on. On my PC's display (which is Reflection X) the document window I'm looking for is a child of the root window, as you would expect. On the Sun (using FVWM) there are two windows between the "toplevel" document window and root. Why, I have no idea. If I hardcode in the window ID (reported by xwininfo) of the document window I can get it's properties. If I hardcode it's parent I can still get the properties just as if it were the document window itself. But if I hard code in that window's parent (which is the window I'll get returned in XQueryTree) then the properties aren't here. This is either because FVWM won't go more than one level down looking for properties or because this "grandparent" has two children instead of one. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

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