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    Fonts look brutal on XFree 4.4.0 and KDE 3.2


    I upgraded KDE and XF86 to 3.2 and 4.4.0 respectively. I am running Slackware.

    If at the PC itself, the fonts render well, everything is fine, however, through XWin32, the font colors are brutal and the font is barely legible at times. White seems to have become some cyan color and the black color is damaged as well. The font is unclear and not crisp like it used to be. Here is a screenshot

    Any ideas how to solve?

    Thanks again.

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    could be somethign to do with the antialiasing /subpixel hintign functions getting messed up somehow. have a look in the kde control thing under fonts

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    Tried tweaking those with no luck

    I just installed Hummingbird to see if it wasn't XWin32 and it does the same thing. This sucks somewhat since it worked beforehand... Must be an XDCMP type problem - since the monitor works, just not the remote desktop

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