hi all,

oops, just reallised that i posted this in the wrong place first time round (i put it in the debian forum not her)

this is the first time i've tried to use linux (as in ever) and i want to learn more about it at some point...

anyway to the point. I've downloaded and installed Debian Etch for PowerPC and it boots OK but whe I come to the GUI (GNOME) it only shws in the left hand most inch and a half of the screen and the rest stays blank. I can log in and use the machine (well as much as is possible with only 1 1/2 inches of your desktop showing) is there something I can do to fix this (I can follow instructions but remember ((please!)) that I know absolutely nothing about using linux)

I have tried Googling about to find help but no success, seemingly hardly anyone even runs Etch on a Mac.


My Machine Specs are: PowerPC 750 (G3) 500Mhz, 384MB RAM, 60GB HD (10GB for Debian, 50 for OSX), 1024x768 12" internal display, Debian Etch (Netinstall), Mac OS X 10.3.9