Wow I didn't expect a reply that long I have to learn to rely on the man pages more, because I would think that man ssh would produce the same information as man ssh(1). I will have to try that when I get home tonight. But I do agree with you on, it is very handy, been using it for a long time now.

Thanks for all of the information on the public and secret keys, that is something we briefly went over in school months ago, the book was horrible and it never really sunk in because I couldn't find a decent example on why it would be so secure and useful. I figure if they have the public key then anything produced with the public key could be decrypted with reverse engineering. The instructor and the book never mentioned anything about large prime numbers. It makes more sense now.

I guess I never had any use for keybindings in linux, I could do things a lot faster with xterm open, also I had many applications already set on window maker's dock It does sound wierd now that I think about it, in windows when I was using Litestep I had key bindings nearly maxed out, was running out of combos and forgetting what some combos were.