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    I having problems logging into my box as root and user, every time i trye to log in through x it freezes and i have to restart, This problem has happend twice, the first time i reinstalled, now i come to youi, this happens when a try to configure x on my fedora box to user the driver for my 9600
    i can log in fine with the console
    i tried thefirst time to use ati drivers but when a rebooted i was shown the x config window, and confiured it to use the 9600 drivers at 1200x700

    p4 2.8 w HT
    mb asus p4800d
    ati 9600 128

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    can you exit the x server with ctrl alt backspace?? if u can, u could possibly try ctrl alt + or ctrl alt - to cycle through the resolutions to the one which works fine
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    Just one small thing...

    1200 x 700 seems to a sort of unusual screen solution...
    have you tried to set it to 800x600 or 1024x768 just to see if that works??


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    wow.. i missed that.. thanx ooop .. most windowing systems use an aspect ratio of 4:3(640x480, 800x600, 1024x76. so correct aspect for 1200 would be 1200x900.

    When aspect ratio is modified.. things can get a lil freaky
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    i meant the real resolutions, i just could't remember the last numbers, sorry if i confused you.
    I tried the combanation of alts and ctrl , the computer is completly looked, i tried different insalations(workstation and personal) and booth the 9600 and 9600 pro drivers, non worked, i'm pretty sure it's not resolutions ive tried them all and they all work fine under the defualt drivers

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    post your /etc/X11/XF86Config and maybe we can find something spiffy in it =)

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    oh... btw, are you trying to install the ATI drivers *while* X is running? if so, you can bork the driver installs because they modify the kernel drivers and the X drivers... if you're booting into a DM, before you login, press ctrl-alt-f1... this should get you to a text console... login there... then, issue this command at the shell prompt:
    init 3
    then run 'ps -e|grep dm' to check that [xdm|kdm|gdm] are no longer running.. if those are not running, proceed with the driver install.

    (oh, and if init 3 doesn't work, try telinit 3)
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    I was trying to instal the drivers in kde so i'll try the console. what about the redhat drivers did i break the when i installed my ati drivers or are they not compatible with my system?0

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