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    Remote to display Local

    Hi All!

    I have a few questions about X in the Redhat 9 Linux environment.

    First, the situation I need to resolve: A user needs to use the graphics pipe of various remote RH9 boxes and needs to be able to do something with the application display. The display itself is necessary for the app to run but not for the user to see. The user then collects the data from the app.

    So here is the basic scenario. System A logs on to System B and be able to "display" on system B without a local console login.

    To date, I have figured out that I can run X on :2 (because Xauth only works on :0 and :1). Using normal UNIX means, I cannot get the second X to come after the default. I have tried doing the whole .Xauthority thing and for whatever reason it hates me, and don't have the time and knowledge to figure it out. This leads me to my next questions...

    When/Where/How does X get started in RH9? Is there a way to Disable xauth on :0? How can I get another X on :2 to start AFTER the default startup?

    Thanks in advance!

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    man ssh . .Xauthority is worthless or if you really want to do it thru display buffers i have a lil text i wrote a LONG time ago, lemme know.

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    Anything that helps

    If you have a scipt that would help out, I would really appreciate it! I have been trying just about everything. I was able to get another X session to work on a different vt than 7, but it does not seem to work at all on some systems, and doesn't work very well on all systems.


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