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    delete a shortcut

    I am running Mandrake 9.1 using KDE.

    I have "xawtv" icon on my desktop but I use "tvtime" instead.
    Everytime I delete the icon and restart my machine the icon reappears.
    how do I delete it for good?

    why does it keep reappearing everytime I reboot?

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    Can't you delete it from /home/youruser/Desktop using a terminal?

    Good luck

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    most linux users have gone beond the need for silly desktop icons ;P

    I seem to recall that kde (something i dont and _wont_ use, nor will i use GNOME) stores desktop icon info in a directory named something like .Desktop in your home directory. It would maby be a file called xawtv.desktop or something!

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    KDE (and gnome) is a little bit tricky with these things.
    As far as I know, Desktop Icons and such are stored in two places

    1 ) Your home directory, under Desktop or some similar folder
    2 ) Somewhere in the usr directory (desktop items that are shared between all users), for me its /usr/kde/share but it could probably also be /usr/local/share or maybe /opt/kde/share or whichever.

    All I know is, that the icon you are talking about is probably somewhere in the "shared" part of it all....

    try searching for the file in question and make sure you kick it out of your filesystem (remember, on Linux....everything is a file....)


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