hi,..i am a new linux user and have been having problems getting beryl to work on my system.

i have followed all the instructions given on the SuSE wiki page

i also have installed the nVidia drivers from

every time i reboot my system after following the above instructions,though i m able to rotate desktops in 3d, all the system gets very slow and it becomes impossible to get any work done.
and it takes me atleast 15-20 mins to open the command prompt and type

gnome-xgl-switch --disable-xgl
are there any other things i need to install?

or is there any critical thing i have missed?

here are my system specifications:
SuSE 10.2
KDE 3.5.5 "release 45"
p4 2.66 GHz
512 MB ram
nvidia GeForce 6200 (128 MB).

any help would be appreciated.